Thứ Năm, 27 tháng 10, 2016


doodle jump

is a simple but enormously popular game. Your mission is simple: Jump and get as high as you can! Control the doodle with your mouse, avoid ghosts and jump on clouds to geht higher and higher.


Governor of Poker 2

Who would have thought there is actually a continuation of Governor of Poker. It has a lot more levels with more interactivity, the poker game itself has been refined along with the graphics. I miss only the "quick game" (you can unlock it). Again Youdagames has unfortunately left only a "demo" and for those who want to play the premium you have to pay.

Wheels Of Hell

wheels of hell take control of a tricked out truck and blast your way through numerous stages of hell, capturing ghouls for points as you go along. Similar to dirt-bike games master the physics of your car and complete the rough terrain in the quickest time possible to rack up a high score. Beware, if you crash then you'll lose all your points and die.

Hot Wheels Racer

Hot Wheels Racer
Hot Wheels Racer

Hot Wheels Racer is an exciting racing game. Use arrow keys to move. Avoid all the obstacles, collect the Nitro bottles.

Cruise down the road in your Hot Wheels Racer! Choose between the sports car and the race car and drive down the road avoiding obstacles and collecting power ups. See how fast you can make it down the course!Hot Wheels Racer

Tank Trouble

tank trouble  expects you to time your shots carefully so that you can defeat your enemies. Moreover, it is a strategy game that enables you to play online against real persons as well as the Al known as Laika whose difficulty will always change based on your skill and modes from single mode, multiplayer mode, and triple mode. You can also hit the special weapon icon to get powerful weapons.